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Mike Stonecypher spent thirty-seven years spreading the word of God in Africa, and he shares his heartfelt testimony in this book.

In it, you will read about his inspiring encounters with Nigerian and Nigerien Christians and missionaries from around the world. He highlights times of victory and of testing—and how God revealed the redemptive power of Jesus over and over again.

He recalls serving the Lord in three schools, encouraging hundreds of students and dozens of teachers to find their faith. He taught English, the Bible, drama, and writing, working side by side with Nigerians, Nigeriens, Cameroonians, Congolese, Canadians, British, Swiss, French, Germans, Brazilians, Koreans, and Americans.

The theme throughout is that only Jesus leads us day by day, year after year, bringing into our lives the people and the events that shape us. Only Jesus keeps our hearts tender to His voice and the needs of those around us.

Some of these stories will have you laughing and rejoicing, while others will burden your heart and call you to prayer. In every story, you will be reminded of God’s profound love for humanity.
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