When Things Get Really Tough, It’s All About Jesus

2 Chronicles 20:15 ESV
He said: Listen King Jehoshophat
and all who live in Judah and Jerusalem!
This is what the LORD says to you:
”Do not be afraid or discouraged
because of this vast army.
For the battle is not yours, but God’s.”

Remember, We Serve A Mighty God

Remember, we serve a mighty God
who proved His
resurrection power
when He rolled the stone away
and Jesus arose victorious
forever over
sin and death,
so we are His children eternal.

Remember, we serve a mighty God
who formed a path
right through the sea
and routed  their Egyptian enemies—
He buried them under angry waves,
horses and riders
caught in the mud
to allow His people to go free.

Remember, we serve a mighty God,
the Lord of Hosts,
who upholds His people
ever leading them towards His Promised Land,
circling the city of Jericho seven times,
all her walls
come tumbling down,
HIs own people victorious in Him.

Remember, we serve a mighty God,
great Yahweh, LORD,
who hears the prayers
of Jehoshophat their king,
and destroys three armies, all left dead
on the ground
for opposing Him,
all Judah rejoicing, praising God.

Remember, we serve a mighty God
who saves
His servants exiled,
bound in the flames and among the lions,
interpreting dreams, humbling
almighty kings,
living their lives
faithfully though far from home.

Remember, we serve a mighty God,
who spoke through
Prophets bold
His eternal, His Gospel plan,
Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Remember, we serve a mighty God,
The Morning Star,
the great I Am,
Jesus, the Way, the Truth, the Life,
the One True Vine, the Good Shepherd,
the Lion of Judah,
the Lamb of God
who takes away the sins of the world.

I Thank God; Jesus never dodged the challenges, the opposition, the suffering, nor never the threats—rather, He walked steadily the path which God had laid out for Him through the wilderness, up on the mountains, down in the valleys, even on the stormy sea—in the upper room, into the garden, before the Sanhedrin, the Roman Governor Pilate, the so-called King Herod, along the Via Dolorosa, the despicable cross, the cold, dark cave and inevitably—resurrected and ascending victorious back to the Throne of His Father, our God.

Because of His glorious example, over the course of this life, when tough times have arisen, through the strength and inspiration of Jesus’ example, I have always been encouraged to trust in God, and in His power to see every challenge met for His glory. When Baptist High School lay in ruins after a mighty windstorm, God rallied His people, and through His provision and by His strength, the staff, students and their parents, not only persevered, but triumphed in a mighty testimony to His power over the forces of darkness. Then, when Hillcrest School and all of Jos suffered through a turbulent time of rioting, burning and fighting around the city, God led the way, His people followed, and the peace of the Gospel has continued to spread.

Canoes became a necessary tool for rescuing books and equipment from inside flooded campus buildings.

Finally, at Sahel Academy in Niamey, Niger, when floodwaters rose and all seemed lost; when the small Christian community in the midst of overwhelming lostness, responded with unity, hard work and determination—all trusting in Jesus; God once again proved His faithfulness as He daily encouraged and nurtured them until miraculously, classes resumed at two new sites within a matter of weeks. And, at the same time He raised awareness among His people all over the world; and they responded with prayers and gifts and volunteers, so that before the next school year, Sahel was open for business at a revitalized, refurbished and renewed “same old campus.”

Those who braved the muddy waters to do rescue work had to be treated with strong anti-biotics to fight off skin infections.

Never have I seen so many come together day-after-day inspired and determined to do whatever work was necessary until the school could reopen. Surely God had in place such people whose hearts and minds and bodies stood ready to be used by Him to accomplish this mighty miracle. Led by an indomitable Director, Brian Bliss, and so many who followed his example, literally into the midst of the murky flood waters; the Sahel faith family worked hard from dawn to dusk every day; and the work was in every sense of the words, down and dirty.

Some had to wade the flood waters. Others had to man canoes which were floated into the library and classroom buildings, rescuing books and equipment and supplies which had been purposely raised so that the waters

Even the playground surrendered to the flooding waters.

did not harm them. Others had to load these loads into pick-ups which carried them to the other side of the Niger River, where others waited to receive them and store them at a sister school, which made available vacant classrooms for storage. Every single one of these items had to be washed in bleach solution to avoid the threat of mildew.

In the meantime, others had to scout out possible sites to resume school for both elementary and high school students and teachers. These survey teams had to consider various possibilities, which might suffice for continuing school for the completion of the school year, which had only just begun. Within a week, the survey group located two oversize houses with enough rooms, one for the elementary school and one for the high school, within about a mile of each other. The Director had to negotiate, reach agreements; so, the renovation and improvements needed to make the houses as suitable as possible could begin.

Finally, all of that cleaned up and sanitized furniture and equipment, and all of those salvaged books had to be loaded up from storage and moved into the new buildings. At the same time an IT specialist had to work day and night in order to get a computer lab set up at the high school so that on-line learning could continue. He also had to get office computers, printers and copiers working in place within both buildings.

This is how an African city looks when flooded with rainy season muddy waters.

All of this exhausting array of work had to be completed in a matter of a few weeks. By God’s Grace and by His Strength, and through the incredible amount of hard labor done by a remarkably committed Sahel School community, classes did, indeed, resume within a matter of a few weeks. It definitely reminds me of Ezra, Nehemiah and the faithful during their time of rebuilding Jerusalem after the exile.

The lesson is clear: God unites, upholds, guides, energizes and gives victory to His People when overwhelming needs arise. He always has. He always will. We do, indeed, serve a mighty God, a loving and a giving God. Truly, truly, truly; “When things get really tough, it really is all about Jesus.”




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  1. I remember when the flood happened. You shared a lot in your newsletters. It was heartbreaking but oh how God manifested Himself as He brought people together. What a blessing for ya’ll to have been witnesses and also a part of the experience. Thankfully, He’s still doing that in so many areas of this world!

    • Well, they posted you twice. Go figure. Anyway, thanks. You remain always such a special friend in Christ.

  2. I remember when the flood happened. You shared a lot in your newsletters. It was heartbreaking but oh how God manifested Himself as He brought people together. What a blessing for ya’ll to have been witnesses and also a part of the experience. Thankfully, He’s still doing that in so many areas of this world!

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